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ANSTO 4-Axis Translation & Rotation Stages-DINGO


This new state-of-the-art instrument was built and delivered to support Dingo - Radiography/Tomography/Imaging Station. The sample stage consists of a xyz translation table and a rotation stage. The xyz translation table was needed for sample positioning in front of the detector. For this procedure a range of >500mm in xydirection and 400mm in z-direction was essential. In addition a high precision rotation stage with a resolution of 0.001° was needed for neutron tomography. The rotation stage has a loading capacity up to 200kg. Due to high absorption and long counting times, very large samples are not feasible for tomography. Neutron Radiography is the neutron analogue to x-ray radiography, as practiced in hospitals to detect broken bones, or in airports to detect metallic items like guns or knives in hand luggage. Neutron Tomography is the neutron analogue of the CT-scan in a hospital, in which a whole series of images is taken, and a full three-dimensional image of the object is reconstructed on a computer. This can be very useful with very rare fossils or valuable ancient artifacts, as one may be able to see what is inside them, without destroying the object.

ADC offers a large assortment of synchrotron and neutron equipment including; High Precision Slits, Optical Tables, Lead Shielded Beam Pipes, Micro Ion Chambers, Split Two Axis Ion Chambers, Mirror Systems, Monochromators, Spectrometers, Insertion Devices (EPU, Wiggler, Planar, In-Vacuum, Apple), ID Measurement System and many other Beamline Components.  Our products are being used at many synchrotron, neutron, and x-ray facilities around the world including; APS, NSLS, ALS, DLS, NSRRC, BESSY, DESY, CHESS, ESRF, BSRF, CAMD, NSRL, PAL, LNLS, CLS, SSRF, ANKA, KEK, SPring-8, ASP, ELETTRA, MAX-LAB.