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Ultra-High Energy Resolution Monochromator/Analyzer

The NSLS II Inelastic X-ray Scattering (IXS) project beamline research and development effort is to investigate and develop the optical scheme for an Ultra-high energy resolution monochromator/analyzer of the CDDW-CDDW type.  Each monochromator and analyzer consists of one collimation and wavelength (“C/W”) selection silicon crystal and two dispersion (“D”) silicon crystals.  The configuration also includes a collimating mirror to collect photons from the sample to be directed into the analyzer.


ADC manufactures high quality motion control products and systems that are qualified for Semi-conductor, Automation, and Aerospace industries.  Our extensive product line includes;  linear stages, lift stages (Jacks), rotation stages, goniometers, gantry systems, optical tables, vacuum compatible motion systems, and Nanotechnology positioners.