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TS-50 TS-90 TS-160
TS-300 TS-400
TS-310 TS-410
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Precision Tilt Stages


ADC’s tilt stages provide a rigid, accurate motion for general goniometric use. Each stage is stepper motor driven and curved linear bearing guided stages with a rugged anodized aluminum body. The top and bottom mounting surfaces are precision ground to provide an optimal interface.


The TS-300, TS-310, TS-400, and TS-410 stages use a tangent bar type mechanism to facilitate the rotary motion. A stepper motor driven linear actuator interfaces to the stage through a limited rotation flexure style bearing. This interface results in a highly resolved, very rigid rotary motion. The stage is guided by preloaded ball type profiled linear rails. An optional optical encoder gives closed loop feedback for the device.


The TS-50, TS-90, and TS-160 use curved crossed roller bearings for the highest possible rigidity and profiled trajectory. The drive mechanism is a precision ground worm wheel segment and stepper motor driven worm.


ADC manufactures high quality motion control products and systems that are qualified for Semi-conductor, Automation, and Aerospace industries.  Our extensive product line includes;  linear stages, lift stages (Jacks), rotation stages, goniometers, gantry systems, optical tables, vacuum compatible motion systems, and Nanotechnology positioners.