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Lift Stages

Precision Crossed Roller Jacks


ADC's high precision jacks provide an accurate and rigid platform for use in any positioning system. The rugged black anodized aluminum housing features a precision ground base and top plate, each with multiple utility holes for easy integration into the users' system. The vertical stage is driven by a high class preloaded ballscrew coupled to a high torque 200 step per revolution stepper motor which can be run in full, half, or microstepping mode to meet your resolution requirements. Maximum rigidity is assured through the use of preloaded crossed roller linear bearings. Each jack also features two adjustable, normally closed limit switches at the end of travel.


ADC manufactures high quality motion control products and systems that are qualified for Semi-conductor, Automation, and Aerospace industries.  Our extensive product line includes;  linear stages, lift stages (Jacks), rotation stages, goniometers, gantry systems, optical tables, vacuum compatible motion systems, and Nanotechnology positioners.