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MAX-Lab Precision Positioning System

This positioning system’s worksurface can move precisely vertically and horizontally, tilt along any axis, and rotate. These movements are accomplished by a triangular arrangement of three assemblies of stepper-motor-actuated slides to which the work surface is attached via spherical bearings. Each horizontal and vertical motion stepper motor is independently controlled and is equipped with limit switches. The size of this table is 600 mm wide, 1500 mm long, and 500 mm tall. The system has an accuracy of 5 µm and it was supplied with linear incremental optical encoders on all jacks and all motorized slides. The control uses the “Compumotor 6K” indexer.

ADC manufactures high quality motion control products and systems that are qualified for Semi-conductor, Automation, and Aerospace industries.  Our extensive product line includes;  linear stages, lift stages (Jacks), rotation stages, goniometers, gantry systems, optical tables, vacuum compatible motion systems, and Nanotechnology positioners.