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Soft X-ray Scattering Octupole End Station
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Soft X-ray Scattering Octupole End Station
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The Octupole End Station is used for soft X-ray scattering in magnetic dichroism (XMD) experiments. The system is mainly used for three applications, i.e., constant field for the duration of an x-ray absorption scan, point-by-point field reversal for an XMD photon energy scan, and hysteresis loop measurements.


The ADC Octupole is based on earlier designs and work performed by Elke Arenholz and Soren O. Prestemon at Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, Ca. ADC improved on the ALS design and has performed several design improvement iterations (see chart below)


Eight conical electro magnets (coils) are equidistantly spaced about the surface of a sphere to create an omnidirectional field vector with a magnitude of 1 [T]. The magnets protrude into an ultra high vacuum chamber with a base pressure of 5E-10 [mbar] that houses both the sample and detector apparatus. The entire system is then capable of tilt rotation vertically about the beam axis +/- 45O. The 1T field is achieved by the combination of fields from 2 or more coils.


Technical Specification Base System:

  • Peak field magnitude of 1T
  • Field uniformity of 5% over 10mm cube
  • Field vector rotatable in any direction
  • 8 magnet coils
  • Water cooling for 8 coils
  • Base frame, kinematic, adjustable, 304 SS,
  • Detector 360O rotation goniometer
  • Top sample access
  • Sample rotation axis
  • UHV operation @ 5E-10mbar
  • RGA Analysis
  • Water flow sensors
  • Ports for sample, pumping, detector, observation, beamline, vacuum gage, spare


Comparison of ADC and ALS Octupoles


Table 1

ALS Octupole

ADC Gen 1

ADC Gen 2

Peak Field

0.9 T

Any direction

1 T

Between pole pairs

1 T

Any direction

Vacuum Chamber

Sample and Access

Solid Sphere

Split Sphere

Sample Motions

Ø Rotation

Ø  Rotation


Detector Motion




Detector Position Repeat


30 arc min

Open loop

2.0 arc sec

With encoder

Tilt Motion


+/- 45O

+/- 445O

Load Lock




Cryo Sample




Coil Wire Insulation

Single Build

Double Build

Triple Build

Water Cooling


Copper Tubing


Direct Water

Significantly Improved Direct Water



Note: The original idea for this Octupole End Station was originated from ALS:

Elke Arenholz and Soren O. Prestemon
Design and performance of an eight-pole resistive magnet for soft x-ray magnetic dichroism measurements Rev. Sci. Instrum. 76, 083908 (2005)



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