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Jefferson Lab 12 GeV Upgrade Space Frame Project

ADC fabricated the 10 sets of space frame assemblies for the U.S. Department of Energy Jefferson Lab 12 GeV Upgrade Project. This project was “built to print”.  However, ADC developed the manufacturing process, part and assembly travelers.  Each system underwent complete testing and inspection which included independent weld inspection, and precise physical measurements. The project was a one-year contract that was completed within the budget and schedule.


ADC offers a large assortment of synchrotron and neutron equipment including; High Precision Slits, Optical Tables, Lead Shielded Beam Pipes, Micro Ion Chambers, Split Two Axis Ion Chambers, Mirror Systems, Monochromators, Spectrometers, Insertion Devices (EPU, Wiggler, Planar, In-Vacuum, Apple), ID Measurement System and many other Beamline Components.  Our products are being used at many synchrotron, neutron, and x-ray facilities around the world including; APS, NSLS, ALS, DLS, NSRRC, BESSY, DESY, CHESS, ESRF, BSRF, CAMD, NSRL, PAL, LNLS, CLS, SSRF, ANKA, KEK, SPring-8, ASP, ELETTRA, MAX-LAB.