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Weapon Shot Counter Web Site Launched
06/15/2006 - 11/30/-0001

Lansing, NY, June 15, 2006 – Advanced Design Consulting USA, Inc. (ADC) announced today that it has officially launched its new web site for Weapon Shot Counter developed for fire arms at http://www.wscounter.com/.


The Weapon Shot Counter reduces the possibility of backfires and jams in the heat of battle. The Shot Counter gathers the number of rounds fired, the firing cadence (rounds per minute), the weapon serial number, and the option of a time and date stamp all of which can be sent to a wireless, hand-held device for collection. The Weapon Shot Counter can be placed in the pistol grip of a firearm or in any other out-of-way location on the firearm. The Shot Counter Data once gathered wirelessly, can then be sent via electronic mail for in-depth analysis.


Beyond firearms: “The Weapon Shot Counter can be integrated into accessories like night vision scopes to monitor wear of the device,” says Alexander Deyhim, president of ADC. Since night vision systems - which use image-intensifier tubes - are sensitive to shock, the counter can help determine when the night vision scope should be changed.


While the military would use the Weapon Shot Counter for maintenance, domestic law enforcement agencies could use the Weapon Shot Counter for recording and tracking the exact use of a firearm. “Police units such as SWAT teams and agencies like the FBI need to track the training level of its officers and agents to maintain a high level of operational readiness,” said Deyhim. “The Weapon Shot Counter would count the total number of rounds fired, and provide data on the timing of training-shot events.”


ADC continues to study host weapons and is confident the Shot Counter solution can be used on any size firearm. This includes the small 22 caliber weapons all the way to the 6" naval guns.


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