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ADC and Binghamton University to Begin Designing Devices Able to Detect Stockpiled Uranium and Plutonium
03/07/2005 - 11/30/-0001

Lansing, NY, March 7, 2005 Experts under the auspices of Advanced Design Consulting in 

Lansing, New York, and Binghamton University are beginning to design and prototype monitors that can remotely detect plutonium, uranium, and other fissile materials used in the making of nuclear weapons. The designers are working under a contract granted to ADC and Binghamton University by Nuclear Nonproliferation Administration (NNPA).  


“We’ve assembled a team whose members have expertise in the areas of radiation detection and device packaging,” says Alex Deyhim, president of ADC. “The monitors will be an innovative implementation of computer memory technology to produce a passive gamma ray detector.  In addition the development of such a devise will support and strengthen our nation’s ongoing concern of limiting nuclear proliferation for potential dangerous countries such Iran and North Korea.” 


“By recording any changes in gamma ray emissions, the detectors will be able to accurately 

assess the size and location of stockpiled plutonium and uranium” says Eric Johnson, Advanced Design Consulting USA’s vice president of research. The monitoring can be implemented in a small, unpowered package for clandestine surveillance or incorporated into a communication network for continuous assessment.  


The project team is made up of Eric J. Cotts, professor of physics and materials science at 

Binghamton University; Eric Johnson, vice president for research at ADC; Peter Borgesen, a 

manager with Universal Instruments Corporation; and John Emerson, a consulting expert from the Sandia Corporation.  


About the company: Advanced Design Consulting USA, Inc. (ADC) is a privately owned company organized and structured to provide technical services to all types of clients from small scientific entrepreneurs to universities, government agencies and private industries. The firm’s expertise and activities are primarily related to engineering design, research and development, testing and custom fabrication. It searches for innovative solutions to difficult problems. To learn more about ADC products and services, visit the website at www.adc9001.com.