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ADC’s New Product…Compact & Low-cost X-ray Beam Monitor (XBM)
03/20/2013 - 11/30/-0001

Lansing, NY, March 20, 2013 – ADC Inc. today announced development of a new x-ray beam monitor, in collaboration with the Advanced Photon Source (APS). The XBM was developed (designed & tested) for alignment and direct measurement of x-ray beams, for use in applications such as aligning mirrors, monochromators, collimators, slits, area detectors, and sample positioning. The detector system consists of a photodiode and miniature coaxial connector to interface with an electronics package. The XBM photodiode active area is 20mm x 20mm and is mounted in an aluminum housing (other, smaller dimensions are possible through a custom order).


Linearity (for 4 decades)  1%
Dark current signal          <1 pA
Measurable flux              1014 photons/sec
Usable energy range        4 - 50 keV
Amplifier Gain                 100 pA/V – 1 mA/V


The Advanced Photon Source is an Office of Basic Energy Sciences in the U.S. Department of Energy funded national laboratory. APS conducts research using the brightest x-ray beams in the Western Hemisphere, allowing scientists and users to use the facility for research requiring extremely brilliant x-ray photon beams. The APS is located on the grounds of Argonne National Laboratory in Argonne, Illinois.


About the company: ADC has over 17 years of experience and extensive capability in the machining and manufacturing of complex systems for the scientific community. We focus mainly on synchrotrons and neutron sources. We have an in house physicist and engineers for such things as magnet modeling for undulators, optics for beam lines, FEA and thermal analysis, as well as other disciplines. We have the facilities and equipment for UHV applications such as a class-50 clean room, leak checkers, RGAs, vacuum pumps, and UHV component cleaning and bagging facilities, as well as a highly trained staff.

For more information on “XBM” please go to: http://www.adc9001.com/products/view/636