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New Product: High-Temperature Oven & In-Situ X-Ray Scattering of Organic Thin Film Innovation in Material Research...
04/17/2014 - 11/30/-0001

Lansing, NY, April 17, 2014 -- ADC, Inc. announced today that they have introduced two new products for material researchers: XRD-1500 & OTFD-100.


The XRD-1500 High-Temperature Oven Chamber is a versatile and robust sample stage for in-situ X-ray studies in different atmospheres up to 1500 °C. It guarantees excellent temperature uniformity in the sample as well as accurate temperature measurement and control.



  • Temperature-induced phase transition studies
  • Texture measurements
  • Stress analysis
  • Profile analysis
  • Grazing incidence studies
  • High resolution studies
  • Analysis of layered structures


For more information and technical specification on “XRD-1500” please visit:



The OTFD-100 is a compact vacuum deposition chamber for in-situ x-ray scattering studies of organic thin film growth. The system is based on a small cylindrical chamber that can be mounted on a standard four-circle diffractometer. Incident and scattered x-rays enter and exit the chamber through a curved Be foil window that covers 270 degrees, and is sealed to the body of the chamber. The sample is mounted on a post with heating and cooling from liquid nitrogen temperature to >100 centigrade. Integral to the sample stage is a multi-wire feed through to facilitate in-situ electrical transport characterization of organic semiconductor thin films. This is one of the unique capabilities of the system. In addition, the sample stage is mounted on a rotary vacuum feed through, which is mechanically coupled to the “phi” stage of the diffractometer. An effusion cell, shutter, and quartz oscillator thickness monitor are also incorporated into the system, which is pumped by a small turbomolecular pump. The system thus configured is capable of access to full reciprocal space, within the limits of the Be window. For more information and technical specification on “OTFD-100” please visit:




  • In-situ x-ray scattering studies of organic thin film deposition
  • Measurements for growth of pentacene thin films


About the company: ADC has over 17 years of experience and extensive capabilities in the machining and manufacturing of complex systems for the scientific community. We focus mainly on synchrotron and neutron sources. We have an in house physicist and engineers for such things as magnet modeling for undulators, optics for beamlines, FEA and thermal analysis, as well as other disciplines. We have the facilities and equipment for UHV applications such as a class-50 clean room, leak checkers, RGAs, vacuum pumps, and UHV component cleaning and bagging facilities, as well as a highly trained staff. For additional information, please visit the ADC web site at: www.adc9001.com.