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“Pellet Selector” as part of the International ITER project for Fusion
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“Pellet Selector” as part of the International ITER project for Fusion, A new article titled “Controlling ITER with fuelers, ticklers, and terminator”


Lansing, NY, September 14, 2015 – A new article regarding the ITER project has been published on the Oak Ridge National Laboratory website this week.  It features ADC’s contribution to the project using the pellet selector which directs pellets to different outputs in a fusion reactor.


Here is a look at some information from the article:

“The pellets are much more efficient at fueling the fusion plasma because they can penetrate fairly deep into the hot plasma before being ablated and ionized into additional plasma,” explained Larry Baylor of ORNL’s Plasma Technology and Applications Group.


“The alternative method of injecting gas that is primarily used in today’s smaller devices will not add fuel efficiently in ITER because of its large size and high magnetic field.”


Baylor said his group is working on three types of pellet, which he refers to as fuelers, ticklers, and terminators.


To view the full article and more detailed information click the following link:





To view information on ADC’s website for the pellet selector, click the following link:




ITER is a large-scale scientific experiment that aims to demonstrate that it is possible to produce commercial energy from fusion. For additional information, please visit the ITER web site at http://www.iter.org/.