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The road to safety: To stave off concrete bridge deck and road failures, ADC receives more funding to develop sensors.
02/27/2009 - 11/30/-0001

Lansing, NY, February 26th, 2009 – As more concrete road surfaces - whether they are on bridge decks or firm ground - deteriorate due to lack of consistent maintenance, the federal government is poised to provide funding for improving America's infrastructure. Toward that goal, Advanced Design Consulting USA, Inc. (ADC), of Lansing, N.Y., has received a two-year contract from the U.S. Department of Transportation, for Phase II development of implanted concrete sensors in bridges and roadways.

"As we learned in the 2007 I-35W bridge collapse in Minnesota, catastrophic failure can occur. In that case, steel trusses gave way." said Alex Deyhim, president of ADC. "Concrete bridge and road decks, if not properly maintained, can also succumb to failure. These sensors will help road engineers take early action on problems - and stave off failure completely."

"The sensors will be able to determine temperature, moisture content, cracking in the concrete, and the presence of sodium chloride that can weaken the concrete's embedded reinforced steel." said Eric Van Every, Director of Research and Operations at ADC. The sensors will determine the concrete's alkalinity, which can cause surface swelling and eventually potholes.

"The concrete sensor project is a two-for-one win. On top of employing workers here in Tompkins County and boosting the local economy, the finished product will make bridges and roads safer for families here and across the country." said Congressman Michael Arcuri (D-NY), a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. "ADC is a model small business and I want to congratulate them on their expansion and growth."

Executives at ADC expect to see the sensors in production by the end of two years, either through licensing or in-house manufacturing at their Lansing facility. "We have a patent and will be filing more patents. We will conduct prototyping, testing and certification." says Deyhim. Once production is established, he says the technology can produce well-paying high-tech manufacturing jobs. "We are a successful, Ithaca-grown company and we plan to stay here and continue to work with exciting partners like Cornell University and its world-class faculties and facilities." he says.

About the company: Advanced Design Consulting USA, Inc. is a privately owned company organized and structured to provide technical services to all types of clients from small scientific entrepreneurs to universities, government agencies and private industries. The firm's expertise and activities are primarily related to engineering design, research and development, testing and custom fabrication. It searches for innovative solutions to difficult problems. To order a copy of the free catalog, call (607) 533-3531 or send an e-mail toadc@adc9001.com.