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Small-Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) Instrument




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The Time-of-Flight Small Angle Neutron Scattering (ToF SANS) instrument is being built at reactor source, at ANSTO, Australia. SANS is complex machine. One of key parts of it is large detector vessel. ADC has taken the overall concept for the vessel developed by ANSTO designers, and provided final engineering design and then built the detector vessel as imaged below. In addition the entire vessel can be accurately moved 1.5 meters using external rails and a ball screw. The front end consists of a sample window and 630 mm gate valve. The rear of the vessel has a hatch with an articulated hinge. There is a central man-way hatch on the top and 17 ports for vacuum pumps, electrical, feed through, and sensors.


ADC offers a large assortment of synchrotron and neutron equipment including; High Precision Slits, Optical Tables, Lead Shielded Beam Pipes, Micro Ion Chambers, Split Two Axis Ion Chambers, Mirror Systems, Monochromators, Spectrometers, Insertion Devices (EPU, Wiggler, Planar, In-Vacuum, Apple), ID Measurement System and many other Beamline Components.  Our products are being used at many synchrotron, neutron, and x-ray facilities around the world including; APS, NSLS, ALS, DLS, NSRRC, BESSY, DESY, CHESS, ESRF, BSRF, CAMD, NSRL, PAL, LNLS, CLS, SSRF, ANKA, KEK, SPring-8, ASP, ELETTRA, MAX-LAB.