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Neutron Scattering Collimation Instrument



This system is for the Bragg Institute, a division of ANSTO, to provide a selector wheel shutter unit for their Radiography Instrument. This new state-of-the-art instrument is to support the area of neutron imaging research (neutron radiography/ tomography). It provides university, government and industry-based users of the new ANSTO research reactor OPAL a new world-class powerful tool for nondestructive real space testing and evaluation, with properties complementary to x-rays and synchrotron methods. The instrument covers a large area of scientific research from medical applications, biology and environmental science, geology and engineering science as well industrial application, which are key areas for future technology and industrial developments in Australia. The selector wheel shutter unit combines two different functions in one item. The first function is to work as an instrument shutter and the second one is to work as a selector wheel. The selector wheel assembly component as suggested in its name provides selective aperture options for high resolution or phase contrast imaging and separate the two beams coming from the in-pile collimator. One beam is blocked and the other passes the selector wheel insert is used for an imaging experiment. A positioning accuracy of 0.01° step width is achieved. The selector wheel was designed with a stepped housing to mate with the inserts and prevent direct shine from the beam.


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