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Diffractometer Table, 2 Axis Motion System

The Diffractometer table is a low profile 2 axis motion system that allows generous travel while still fitting into tight spaces.  The Diffractometer table can handle up to a 1 ton load, while still maintaining a fine resolution.  The table is built to hold 4 caster wheels for easy movement into and out of the desired locations.  Air bearings and small manual linear motion are provided underneath the table for a 3rd axis alignment of the system.

The Vertical Stage is built around a welded steel frame and has 4 caster wheels for rolling the unit in and out of its desired location.  Four Nook Ballscrew Jacks coupled together, are driven by one stepper motor and provide the vertical motion to the table.  The vertical motion is guided by 4 two inch diameter Thompson Linear bearings, which allow smooth travel during operation.  The Horizontal Stage sits on top of the vertical stage is driven by a 25x2 mm Nook Acme screw and coupled a stepper motor.  This stage is guided by a set of Rexroth linear bearings which provide smooth travel during operation.