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High Heat Load Filter Array

This Filter Array is designed to position one of five individually selectable filters into the x-ray beam of the Inner Shell Spectroscopy (ISS) beamline at NSLS-II.  Located in the First Optics Enclosure, it reduces the heat load on all downstream components, and filters out selected photon energies based on the material and thickness of the filters installed.  The filter holder is designed to be removable with a minimum of disassembly, to facilitate changes of the installed filters and allow a quick return to operation.  Heat loads of up to 2.7 kW can be absorbed by a filter and carried away by the cooling system.  A stepper motor and ball screw actuator drives the filter holder vertically to select a particular filter, and an additional gap is provided in the filter holder to allow the unfiltered beam to pass through when the actuator rests at its lower hard stop.