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High Heat Load Primary Aperture

This primary aperture is designed to safely absorb and flush away the power delivered by an undulator white beam produced by a machine energy of 6.5 GeV, protecting surrounding equipment if the beam is improperly steered.  All tapering surfaces slope at 1°, and each segment of the aperture is cooled by a single loop connected to the facility cooling system using flarefittings.  The flange ends are constructed of stainless steel, while the walls of the aperture and cooling channels are made of OFHC copper.  The horizontal section features a 2.75” CF flanged port for vacuum pump attachment.  Both sections are provided with tapped holes to connect with a stand.  Due to unequal flange sizes on each end (6” CF pstream, 4.5” CF downstream), the bellows are provided with adjustable locking mechanisms to prevent collapse under vacuum.  The flanged joint between the two sections is equipped with pins to ensure alignment between them.