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High Heat Load Beam Stop

This pneumatically operated beam stop was designed by ADC.  The water cooled copper block will absorb an undulator white beam with a peak heat flux (in a plane perpendicular to the beam propagation) of 155 W/mm2 and total power delivery into the copper of 2 kW.  Surfaces of the copper block struck by the beam are sloped at 6° relative to the beam axis in order to reduce the flux intensity at the surfaces.  Four inches of vertical acceptance are provided to allow the block to stop either the white beam, pink beam, or one of two monochromatic beams to be used, each of which runs at a different height in the flight path tube.  The horizontal acceptance of the block is 1 inch, and the travel is adjustable within the 5 inch maximum stroke of the pneumatic piston using the hard stop bolts.