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High Pressure Cryo-Cooler for X-Ray Crystallography (HPC-201)


ADC is offering a High Pressure Cryo-Cooler for preparing protein crystals. This device is based on a process developed by Cornell University scientists Prof. Sol M. Gruner and Dr. Chae Un Kim. This exciting new technology enables the simultaneous capture of both amplitude and phase information from single anomalous diffraction (SAD) of a cryocooled protein crystal, thereby providing sufficient data to solve the crystal structure of a protein with an unknown structure. Flash-freezing at atmospheric pressure requires the use of cryoprotectants. Finding the right cyroprotectant for a sample type can be a long trial-and-error process. The High Pressure Cryo-Cooler eliminates the need to use cryoprotectants and produces superior results. The scatter images below of a glucose isomerase crystal prepared at atmospheric pressure (left) and under high pressure (right) demonstrate the benefits of high-pressure cryocooling.


The high-pressure cryo-cooler is designed to hold 3 samples at a time. Crystal samples are picked up using a standard cryoloop. Cryoloops are mounted to heavy duty stainless steel tubing in the unit and are then ready to be pressurized and cooled. A high pressure oil pump provides helium gas to the samples. External controls allow the sample to be first pressurized and then cooled by a LN2 bath. Once pressure is released the samples can be removed and handled like any other samples prepared by the conventional flash freezing.




Pressurizing Gas 


Working Pressure  

200 MPa

Cooling Fluid  


Cryo Cooling Temp  

77 K (-196 °C)

Sample Capacity (per pressure & cooling cycle) 


Process Time 

< 10 min (2 min for pump operation; ~ 5 min under pressure; 1min freezing)

ZEISS Microscope  

SteREO Discovery.V8

LN2 dewar 

Taylor-Wharton HC34




Connection Data 


Voltages, frequencies  

50/60 Hz

Power input, approx. 

115/230 VAC

Oil pump pressure 

200 MPa

LN­2 Dewar Holding 

200 Days



















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