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Focusing Mirror System for Argonne

ADC has recently finished the design for a new upward reflecting focusing mirror system for use in Advanced Photon Source (APS).


The mirror system consists of a large vacuum chamber supported by welded steel posts.  This arrangement sits on a granite plinth providing great stability.  The vacuum chamber has a number of flanges for viewports, ion pumps, and other accessories.  Within the vacuum chamber is a Single Crystal Silicon mirror.  This mirror can be bent to a radius as small as 8km by using a linear actuator to bend leaf springs within the vacuum chamber resulting in a moment at the ends of the mirror.


Additionally, the mirror can be positioned within the vacuum chamber through the use of ADC’s 300 series precision jacks and slides.  This series utilizes NEMA 23 stepper motors with Renishaw encoders to achieve great accuracy and repeatability.  These are arranged in a way to provide 5 axis of movement to position the mirror.