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University of Georgia Motion System for KB Mirror


A system was designed for University of Georgia that provides 5 degrees of motion for their KB Mirror.  The mirror chamber has 50 mm of vertical (z-axis) travel and 75 mm horizontal (x-axis) travel with a resolution of 1 µm.  Through the use of stacked precision slides, precision jacks, free slides, and spherical bearings the chamber can also be rotated around the x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis to allow for leveling and alignment of the chamber.  The slides and jacks use MDM-5000 Series Brushless Servo Motors.  The motion system sits on a granite base providing stability and vibration dampening.  The granite is fitted with removable aluminum breadboards and aluminum plates where additional holes can be added to allow for wiring and other devices to easily be secured in place.  The granite is leveled precisely with ADC’s lockable leveling feet and bolted to an aluminum plate grouted to the floor.