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Shielding Lead Encapsulated Enclosures

ADC uses Lead for shielding in x-ray machines, nuclear power plants, labs, military equipment, and other places where radiation may be encountered. Some uses include lead paneling, lead walls, shielded doors, ceiling systems, wall design and other encapsulated enclosures for diagnostic and therapeutic uses. Prefabricated modular lead shielded enclosures consist of free standing structural steel framed panels and doors.


To reduce downtime, ADC’s design allows for the quickest on-site installation as possible.  To reach our installation goals, ADC has implemented a highly modular design consisting of major wall segments and ceiling segments (pictured below).  The hutches are shipped as modular pieces after being fully assembled and tested at ADC.


The hutches are designed to be assembled from a self-supporting corner as the starting component.  The first segment is placed individually and secured to the corner.  After the initial segment is secured, the next segment slides into place using a tab-and-slot connection.  Adjacent segments can be secured together via bolted connection at the top and bottom after establishing the tab-and-slot connection.  Lifting points are placed in multiple locations to allow positioning by crane.  The final assembly is bolted to the floor.


ADC services includes:

• In-house design engineering (PE Stamped)

• Installation and supervision

• Testing.

• Turnkey installation.