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20-0hm DC Break for ITER

Advanced Design Consulting has engineered a 20-Ohm DC Break for testing by Oak

Ridge National Laboratory on the Ion Cyclotron Heating Test Stand. The DC Break is designed to have a standoff voltage of 3 kV over both the inner and outer conductors. Water cooling systems have been developed for both the inner and outer conductors to maintain the component temperatures to reasonable levels. The DC Break is 500mm long, 480 mm tall and 480 mm wide. The estimated mass is 160 kg (350 lbs.) and the maximum DC voltage across it is 3 kV. This DC voltage standoff is achieved through the use of polyimide sheets, ceramic components and rubber hoses. The outer conductor has an estimated capacitance of approximately 380nF. The outer conductor is actively cooled using 4 water cooling channels and the inner conductor is cooled using a water jacket.  Once testing at ORNL has been competed, a large number of DC Break assemblies will be produced for installation at the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) in France.